Truck Trailer Towing


Whether you're a contractor, farmer, landscaper, or just a regular truck owner Mill Supply has your trucking, trailer, and towing solution. Our products are commercial grade and tough to take the beating it has to. All of our products are available at discount prices so your wallet isn't spitting out moths after you've ordered with us. Some of our popular items include; brake controllers, Backrack cab protection, Safety Rack cab protection, Siderails for cargo control, straps, cables, LED truck and trailer lights, hitches, pintle hooks, receivers, Timbren suspension kits, truck tool boxes, and trailer hardware.

Truck Accessories

We carry a variety of accessories for trucks. We have an extensive range of replacement truck mirrors to replace what you currently have or to add more visibility to your vehicle. If you can't find what you're looking for don't forget that you can call us at 800-888-5072 and we'll be happy to help you find what you're looking for! Another truck accessory we sell is the DumperDogg insert. The Dumperdogg is a steel or polymer insert for your pickup truck that transforms your bed into a dump bed.

Timbren helper springs are another one of our popular product lines. Timbren kits help your truck handle the heavy loads you load into your vehicle. They are also known to drastically increase the life expectancy of your suspension system. It's cheaper to replace a set of Timbren's when they die than to replace your entire suspension system.

Backrack products are great to help protect your truck's cab. A normal Backrack protects your rear windshield and can also be used to tie down cargo in your bed. For maximum protection, the Safety Rack is what you want. The Safety Rack provides full coverage with a welded metal screen protecting your rear windshield. Backrack's Siderails are also useful for cargo control. These bars attach to the top of your bed and provide many ways to tie down cargo.

Trailer & Towing Accessories

Our most popular line for trailers is our lights. We stock a large variety of LED and incandescent lights that fit trailers and trucks. We carry Truck-Lite and Maxxima Lights for a variety. Truck-Lite lights have a great reputation for high quality products and a large selection. Maxxima specialize in LED lights at great prices. Our LED lineup is very competitive when compared to their incandescent counterparts. LED lights continue to gain popularity as more and more industry professionals recognize the benefits LED lights provide such as; longer life, less power draw, and better durability.

Mill Supply also carries a wide variety of racks for lawn equipment. They attach directly to your trailer and can hold your trimmers, shovels, rakes, hand tools, chain saws, and water coolers securely as your trailer travels between jobs. Should your trailer connector break, we have replacements to get you back up and running. We also ship most orders the same day so you're not waiting around for your parts.

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